High performance Auxiliaries
Britex FR-196
Efficient cyclic phosphonate flame retardant chemical for textile products. With high phosphorus content and excellent water solubility, it is used to achieve a non-durable, semi-durable or durable flame retardant finish on a wide range of synthetic fiber types, especially on polyester and its blends for workwear and furnishing, curtaining of building and automotive applications,
Specifications and typical properties:


                            Clear viscose liquid

              Active Component


              Density (g/cc@25℃)


              Phosphorus Wt%


              pH(10% Solution)



                            Water miscible



Britex FR-196 treated fabrics can achieve most of the flammability standards, and can meet the requirements of REACH and Oeko-Tex 100 standards.
Add-on levels are determined by fabric composition, weight and construction as well as the flame
retardant performance required( typically vary from 3% to 12% w/w solids add-on).
Preliminary trials are recommended to establish processing conditions prior to full-scale production


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