Disperse dyes
Bricet T for acetate
Brilliant conventional economical dyes with excellent build-up and good all-round color fastness for reliable low temperature dyeing of acetate and its blends.


          Yellow G

 C.I.Disperse Yellow 3
           Orange GR
C.I. Disperse Orange3

           Scarlet GB

 C.I.Disperse Red 1

            Red 2G

  C.I.Disperse Red 17

            Rubine 3B

 C.I.Disperse Red 5

            Pink X3B

  C.I.Disperse Red 11

           Violet 2R

 C.I.Disperse Violet 1

           Blue BNG

  C.I.Disperse Blue 3

           Blue BNR

  C.I.Disperse Blue 3



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