Disperse dyes
Briperse Normal
Complete color range of Briperse standard dyes can be selected for a wide range of economical applications in exhaust and continuous dyeing or printing.

       Yellow 7G

   C.I.Disperse Yellow 126

      Yellow S-6G

   C.I.Disperse Yellow 114

       Yellow C-5G

   C.I.Disperse Yellow 119

       Yellow 5GL

   C.I.Disperse Yellow 241

       Yellow 5GF

   C.I.Disperse Yellow 198

       Yellow 4G

   C.I.Disperse Yellow 211

       Yellow GFS

   C.I. Disperse Yellow 79

       Yellow 3G

   C.I.Disperse Yellow 64

       Yellow 3GL

   C.I.Disperse Yellow 54

       Yellow GWL

   C.I.Disperse Yellow 42

       Yellow GWD

   C.I.Disperse Yellow 27

       G/Yellow SE-RL 300


       Orange RSF

   C.I.Disperse Orange 73

       Brill Orange RGL

   C.I.Disperse Orange 31

       Orange SE-4RLN

   C.I.Disperse Orange 288

       Orange 2GFS

   C.I.Disperse Orange 44

       Orange E-2R

   C.I.Disperse Orange 25

       Yellow BRL-S

   C.I.Disperse Orange 163

       Orange GL

   C.I.Disperse Orange 29

       Y/Brown S-2RFL

   C.I.Disperse Orange 30

       Y/Brown REL

   C.I.Disperse Orange 61

       Brown C-3G

   C.I.Disperse Brown 19

       Brown S-3R

   C.I. Disperse Brown 1

       Scarlet S-3GFL

   C.I.Disperse Red 54

       Scarlet 2GH

   C.I.Disperse Red 50

       Brill Pink REL

   C.I.Disperse Red 91

       Brill Red BL-E

   C.I.Disperse Red 146

       Red FB

   C.I.Dispere Red 60

       Red BLSF

   C.I.Disperse Red 92

       Red F3BS

   C.I.Dispere Red 343

       Scarlet GS

   C.I.Disperse Red 153

       Scarlet H4G-FS


       Scarlet SLK

   C.I.Dispere Red 135

       Scarlet S-BWFL

   C.I.Disperse Red 74

       Red C-4G

   C.I.Disperse Red 278

       Red FL

   C.I.Disperse Red 65

       Red BS

   C.I.Disperse Red 152

      Red R-LS

   C.I.Disperse Red 177

       Rubine S-2GFL

   C.I.Disperse Red 167

       Rubine GL

   C.I.Disperse Red 73

       Red 3BL

   C.I.Disperse Red 82

       Rubine B

   C.I.Disperse Red 13

       Rubine HBRS

   C.I.Disperse Red 145

       Rubine BLS

   C.I.Disperse Red 179

       Rubine CB

   C.I.Dispere Violet 33

       Rubine 3B-PC

   C.I.Disperse Red 311

       Violet FBL

   C.I.Disperse Violet 26

       Violet S4RL

   C.I.Disperse Violet 77

       Violet S3RL

   C.I.Disperse Violet 63

       Violet RL

   C.I.Disperse Violet 28

       Violet BL

   C.I.Disperse Violet 57

       Brown KF


       Brown GSF


       Brown 3R-LS


       Bill Green G


       Green C-6B

   C.I.Disperse Green 9

       Turq.Blue S-GL

   C.I.Disperse Blue 60

       Blue S-BL

   C.I.Disperse Blue 143

       Brill Blue FR-S


       Blue BG


       Blue S-BGL

   C.I.Disperse Blue 73

       Blue 2BLN

   C.I.Disperse Blue 56

       Blue C-RL

   C.I.Disperse Blue 284

       Brill Blue S-CR

   C.I.Disperse Blue 366

       Blue 2RB


       Blue SE-2R

   C.I.Disperse Blue 183:1

       Blue SE-5R

   C.I.Disperse Blue 183

       Blue FBL 300


       Blue 2B 300


       Blue BBLS

   C.I.Disperse Blue 165

       Blue 3RT

   C.I. Disperse Blue 148

       Blue S-3RF

   C.I.Disperse Blue 257

       Navy Blue 5R

   C.I.Disperse Violet 93

       Blue BF-LS

   C.I.Disperse Blue 77

       Blue F2GS

   C.I.Disperse Blue 367

       Blue SE-6G

   C.I.Disperse Blue 291

       Navy Blue S-3G

   C.I.Dispere Blue 301

       Blue SE-5G

   C.I.Disperse Blue 291:1

       Navy Blue AR

   C.I.Disperse Blue 281

       Navy Blue C-2G


       Navy Blue HGL

   C.I.Disperse Blue 79

       Navy Blue ECO


       Grey GLS


       Grey ETD


       Black KSL


       Black ECO 300


       Black RD-3G


       Black SRN 400


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